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I offer vocal lessons and coaching in person and online.


If your vocal needs go beyond the online tutorials I've posted on my Youtube channel, I offer one-on-one lessons, tutorials, and chats to help you succeed as a vocalist.  These sessions can be done either in person or online through Skype. Before booking a lesson, some things to consider:


  • Lessons are $50 an hour

  • All lessons must be paid for in full prior to the lesson via Patreon

  • Cancellations/no-shows are non-refundable

  • Once you book your lesson, I'll send you a message via Patreon to set up the date and time


I book lessons through Patreon.



I also offer co-writing, ghostwriting, and project building services.

I love working with passionate bands and artists. If you're serious about your project and are looking for help with lyrics, vocal melodies, ghost writing, songwriting, co-writing, vocal production, arrangements, song structuring, branding, Youtube building, social media, marketing, promoting -- I can help bring your creative vision to life.


Inquiries about these services or rates, contact: info@laurenbabic.ca

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